Kodama 3DGo

Create & manipulate in 3D with freehand movement

True tangible experience.


Move and explore with freehand movement


Mixed reality with simplicity

Holding the digital in your hands gives immediate life to your imagination.
Easy and intuitive to use, create with spontaneity.
Your creative potential is finally unlocked. Use your 3D advantage!

The product:

With the 3DGo the digital world is in your hands! Move the 3DGo above the HoloDock to manipulate 3D content on screen!

The Holodock summons the digital in front of you and docks the digital inside the real world.

Simply use the switch to turn on and off the HoloDock! it will automatically connect to your device with the Kodama Apps, no need to pair it!

Apps & Games

campfire 3d
3D anim and storytelling
3D voxel colouring
3D cube and voxel builder

Create your own apps with the SDK

Available Soon

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