Focus is key but flexibility is better than rigidity: 1/3

BoostVC’s demo day is now gone and it was thrilling. Here is a quick three part story to share some of our lessons learned from our plunge into the Silicon Valley ecosystem:

Building innovative technologies is hard, and whenever we encounter technical blockers that seem unrealistic to solve it is tempting to look at easier alternatives only to find out that they are just as challenging. Losing focus can get you lost and so sticking to the plan will save you. Business wise I have seen startups avoiding every roadblock and pivoting in front of every challenge, letting their product getting defined by markets – and so in the process some ended up not knowing what they were doing, and others ended up rapidly successful.

It’s important to have a strong plan and vision to inspire others and show the way but being able to surf trends and follow opportunity can play a good role in making your business a successful reality.

For example, letting people express themselves about your product can do magic: while they explain it with their own words they might project their desires and highlight what was meaningful to them, you just need to listen.

In Silicon Valley, everyone started to call Kodama the 3D mouse, and maybe this is because Kodama was the best way for them to manipulate 3D content?

Right now we are on the journey to validate this hypothesis while we relentlessly drive ourselves forward. And we are having a blast in the process. More news from the field soon!

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by Charles leclercq
by Charles leclercq

Founder and CEO of Kodama Ltd.

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