Company: Kodama Ltd.

Role: Founder & Director

Date: 2016 to present

Team size: 7

Location: UK and USA

Kodama Ltd. ‘s mission is to break the barriers between humans and computers through the use of technology and UX oriented content.

Kodama Ltd.  has developed and patented the D7 a non-optical 3D tracking technology. In 2018 Kodama has released the 3DGo: the first casualVR gaming platform that is demonstrating how the D7 can be implemented in consumer products.

The 3DGo

The 3DGo is designed for younger audiences to play games with an emphasis on 3D creation. The initial package comes with a suite of 3 creative games. 

With market indicators like the success of Minecraft, Roblox, Paint 3D, and other user generated content and creation apps like Snapchat – the 3DGo catalog pushes the boundaries of creation in a time where users are no longer just consumers of content.

Like other successful gaming systems, the 3DGo comes with a developer edition and a SDK: developers can easily port or develop their own applications to the platform whose channels of distribution remain the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store.

The applications developed with the 3DGo SDK showcase solutions in various verticals: gaming, architecture and construction, and music control.Additionally the 3DGo made the first Augmented Reality input device ever.

The D7

The D7 technology is a non-optical 3D technology that is able to provide the 3D XYZ position and orientation coordinates of one or multiple objects in real-time. This type of coordinates data is also known as 6 degrees of freedom or 6DOF, hence the name D7 for Degree7. Achieving 6DOF is challenging and most system are relying on optical technologies that require line-of-sight which means that when parts of the systems are occluded, the experience is broken. The D7 technology disrupts other technologies in that field because it isn’t affected by occlusion.

As the virtual and augmented reality market is growing, the need for 3D tracking system will constantly increase. This is why Kodama Ltd. started a licensing program in order to make the D7 technology available to other businesses.