Company: One Studio Ltd.

Role: Founder

Date: 2015 to 2016

Location: UK

Awards: App store TOP10 in 1 location

“Money follows eyeballs”, market statistics in 2015 revealed that teenagers spent the majority of their screen time watching YOUTUBE, and that most of that traffic was music videos. In the meantime social medias like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat demonstrated new user behaviours of organically generated content.

LOOPS – my music video, is a social media iOS app that empowers teenagers to discover music by making and sharing music videos instantly.


Analyzing  top trending music videos, I discovered they all follow the same pattern: 2 parallel stories showing the band and the fans edited into a well rhythmed video.

With this insight I built an iOS prototype that would make use of both front and back cameras of an iPhone to record videos and edit them within the app. After testing the prototype and going through a iterative cycles these where the main observations:
  1. User target does not want to edit videos
  2. Users most often do not know what to create and where to start
  3. Creations with strong feeling of ownership are more likely to be shared
  4. Users would rather share instantly then save and share later.
  5. Target users most often don’t have local music but in the cloud songs
These challenges or design opportunities resulted into unique features that made the product:
  1. Unique edition filters
  2. Contextualized hints aka creativity triggers
  3. Addition of colour filters and emoji stickers (feature didn’t at the time exist in most apps)
  4. Implementation of instant sharing screen to other social medias.
  5. Discover feature promotes different artists everyday, letting user discovering and sharing new music.
iOS Appstore Marketing assets of the main features.

(images from Loops videos made during the marketing tour – videos generated by end users aren’t saved on servers for privacy policies)

LOOPS was designed to generate revenue through ads and through partnerships with Music artists: featured music artists would get unique exposure through the network of LOOPS users. Advertising to teenager audiences is well remunerated.

The application launch day happened in San Francisco in partnership with a music band from France. In 3 months the app got over 4000 downloads without any paid marketing and was in the TOP10 photos and video category in the iOS App Store in one location.