After the pitch: part 2/3

This second part covers user testing, the third and final piece, next week, will cover Fundraising.

It’s a classic: assumptions always need to be confirmed one way or another, no matter at what stage of product development. In the case of Kodama here is a few examples of what we discovered versus what we assumed:

We have to make the tech work at a perfection level before we can even reveal Kodama.
Users got excited about core simplistic features, and didn’t care so much about extra features we thought were essential (and very expensive).

We must build digital experiences and concepts that were not possible to play before Kodama.
Providing a completely new way of interacting with computers is already a massive change, users had more fun interacting with concepts they already knew, when they got lost with completely novel experiences. For example a 3D version of PAC-MAN helped people relate as opposed to discovering an unknown concept as well as a new way to interact.

Hand gesture tracking (like leap motion) might be as efficient as the 3D mouse.
With hand gesture only, user do not get physical validation that gives them the confidence to interact. Kodama is a real life-like physical interaction, it’s just like manipulating a physical object, giving a sense of reality to the digital and therefor making it more approachable.

We also discovered something we didn’t assume or question: adults needed some time to adapt to manipulating the 3D mouse when 3 to 12 year old kids are able to instantly master it, without explanations.

Maybe this is just because Kids are much faster at learning and we adults learned ‘badly’ with the 2D mouse.

On our way to verify this assumption, Kodama is participating in the EDUCATE program in London, in order to quantify how much Kodama World (the kid version of Kodama) helps the development of spatial awareness and motor skills.

See you next week for the last part of this series on Fundraising.

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by Charles leclercq
by Charles leclercq

Founder and CEO of Kodama Ltd.

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