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It has been almost two years since our CEO, Charles Leclercq and CTO Antoni Pakowski, started with Kodama’s adventure. Finally, in 2018, we are about to make it happen: we are on the verge of launching the product!

After the experience in Silicon Valley, our team came back to London with renewed energies from the Californian sun. Our Kodama’s geniuses have been working so hard in order to implement what they learned in BoostVC Accelerator, and EDUCATE program, as we mentioned in the last post and, at last, we can show you the results!

We have done huge improvements in the technology.
Moving from physical to digital has never been that easy or instantaneous as it is now, 3D tracking is now even more accurate and easier to use. We have reinvented play, it is like Augmented Reality but placing the toys in front of the screen and increasing their playability. You won’t need to move the toy behind the screen anymore, you can now control games with your real toys like if they are alive. Cool, isn’t it?

We have refined the product design.
Noting the great potential that Kodama’s product has with kids and thanks to valuable feedbacks from the community, we were able to refine the design and make it specially adapted to kids from 5 to 12 years old, apart from ensuring the compliance with safety standards. This way, we achieved to do our product not only cool and easy to use for children, but also to give parents that extra peace of mind while kids are playing.

We revolutionize kids gaming.
When we were kids, we used to play with toys and imagine action scenes as we were moving them around.
In Kodama we think that our imagination was, and still is our main tool, and so though Lauren Bacall when stated “imagination is the highest kite that can fly”.
With this in mind, we want to revolutionize kid’s way of playing, so that creativity and imagination will be the heart of the game, creating an easier way for kids to express themselves freely. Under this premise, we have created our first game, Campfire, which empowers kids to create 3D animated films by simply moving their favourite toys with their hands.

But there is a lot more going, as we will soon announce: new games, events and novelties related to toys we have been working at as a part of our Kickstarter campaign.

Stay tuned and do not miss any update!

by Joana Jiménez
by Joana Jiménez

Digital Marketing Strategist.

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